Dismantling Green Colonialism Energy and Climate Justice in the Arab Region

The Arab region, a geopolitical nexus with significant fossil fuel reserves and a colonial legacy, harbours untapped potential for green energy. Yet, it faces severe impacts of climate change, as seen in recurrent heatwaves, devastating sandstorms, and catastrophic floods. "Dismantling Green Colonialism: Energy and Climate Justice in the Arab Region," a thought-provoking book co-published with  Pluto Press, addresses the urgent need for a just energy transition in the region.

This collaborative dossier stands as a manifesto calling for a just transition in the Arab region—including Palestine, Jordan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Western Sahara, and Morocco. It is informed by a class analysis and a political economy approach, which are fundamental for challenging and dismantling the hegemonic and oppressive  structures that have long hindered the prospects of a just and sustainable future for the region.

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Dossier by

  • Joanna Allan
  • Hamza Lakhal
  • Mahmoud Lemaadel
  • Manal Shqair
  • Karen Rignall
  • Saker El Nour
  • Razaz H. Basheir
  • Mohamed Salah Abdelrahman
  • Mohamed Gad
  • Asmaa Mohammad Amin
  • Chafik Ben Rouine
  • Flavie Roche
  • Jawad Moustakbal
  • Imane Boukhatem
  • Christian Henderson
Green colonialism illustration

Illustration by Othman Selmi

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