A few ideas that could save the planet In Conversation with TNI

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We are in a climate crisis. About this there seems to be broad consensus. But, there is more and more divergence around what must be done to stop it. As COP26 came around, we’ve seen more and more supposed solutions to the climate crisis gaining attention. 

But a closer look reveals that many of the ideas proffered as ways out of the climate emergency are merely duds, fancy ways to give the impression of progress while business continues as usual.  Just as we cannot expect mosquitoes to cure malaria, we cannot expect the people that created the crisis to be the ones to solve it. 

At TNI, we have been tackling the problem from multiple perspectives, drawing from decades of research and analysis, and leaning on the knowledge and experiences of movements across the world. We believe that the ideas that come from the ground up, from indigenous communities, from peasant farmers, fisher peoples, and workers across the world have the capacity to bring about a totally different way of being, a different humanity, with a different relationship to each other, and to the planet. 

In today’s episode, we speak with colleagues and associates, to draw out what we think are the approaches that will pull us back from the edge of the cliff. From radical cutting edge analysis that exposes the problems with the global neoliberal system, to new ideas about how to think about public services, to alternative approaches to food policy, trade and energy.  These are ideas that we believe can literally save the planet.

Be sure to check out our climate reading list for all the material mentioned in this episode.

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