TNI associate Boris Kagarlitsky re-imprisoned in sham verdict


Russian dissident and TNI associate Boris Kagarlitsky has been sent back to prison after only two months of freedom for opposing the war on Ukraine.

Boris Kagarlitsky

Rabkor / YouTube /

Boris is a well-known international commentator on Russian politics and society and a professor at the Moscow Higher School for Social and Economic Sciences founded by Theodor Shanin, and the editor of YouTube channel Rabkor, a leading left-wing media channel in Russia.

Boris Kagarlitsky was arrested on the absurd charge of 'justifying terrorism' in July 2023. After a global campaign reflecting his worldwide reputation as a writer and critic of capitalism and imperialism, his trial ended on December 12 with a guilty verdict and a fine of 609,000 roubles.

The prosecution then appealed against the fine as 'unjust due to its excessive leniency' and claimed falsely that Dr Kagarlitsky was unable to pay the fine and had failed to cooperate with the court. In fact, he had paid the fine in full and provided the court with everything it requested.

On 13 February,a military court of appeal sent him to prison for five years and banned him from running a website for two years after his release.

The reversal of the original court decision is a deliberate insult to the many thousands of activists, academics, and artists around the world who admire Dr Kagarlitsky’s intellectual work and analysis and took part in the global campaign for his release. The section of Russian law used against Dr Kagarlitsky effectively prohibits free expression. The decision to replace the fine with imprisonment was made under a completely trumped-up pretext. Undoubtedly, the court's action represents an attempt to silence criticism in the Russian Federation of the government's war in Ukraine.

The sham trial of Dr Kagarlitsky is the latest in a wave of brutal repression against dissident movements in Russia, including from the Left. Organisations that have consistently criticised all imperialism, Western and otherwise, are now under direct attack, many of them banned. Dozens of activists are already serving long terms simply because they disagree with the policies of the Russian government and have the courage to speak up. Many of them are tortured and subjected to life-threatening conditions in Russian penal colonies, deprived of basic medical care. Left-wing politicians have been forced to flee Russia, facing criminal charges. International trade unions such as IndustriALL and the International Transport Federation are also banned and any contact with them  results in long prison sentences.

Dr Kagarlitsky has responded to the court's outrageous decision with calm and dignity: 'We just need to live a little longer and survive this dark period for our country,' he said.

You can sign the petition here to demand the release of Boris Kagarlitsky


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