Unmasking the Blue Fix

18 September 2019

Our relationship to the ocean has changed greatly over the centuries. For those who fish, it is their livelihood, while for trade the ocean is considered simply a surface across which goods can be shipped. At the beginning of the 20th century another era began, centred on the extraction of ocean resources from the seabed, and today there is talk of the “blue economy”, which promises a triple win on the ecological, social and economic fronts.

The discourse around blue growth, blue economy, and blue revolution is a masterfully mixed and powerful cocktail. This Executive Summary (originally published in Spanish by La Revista Soberanía Alimentaria) explores the ingredients of this cocktail, highlighting the key findings from "The Blue Fix: Unmasking the politics behind the promise of blue growth".

Unmasking the Blue Fix(pdf, 524.75 KB)
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