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  1. Building walls Fear and securitization in the European Union

    Border Wars
    Publication date:
    Building walls cover
  2. The Arab uprisings A decade of struggles

    Arab Uprisings
    Publication date:
  3. Global Climate Wall How the world’s wealthiest nations prioritise borders over climate action

    • Border Wars
    • Climate Crisis
    • Climate Security
    Report by
    • Todd Miller
    • Nick Buxton
    • Mark Akkerman
    Publication date:
  4. Energy transition or energy expansion?

    Energy Democracy
    Report by
    • Sean Sweeney
    • John Treat
    • Daniel Chavez
    Publication date:
  5. Dangerously Efficient Industrial Fishing The Threat of Multinational Dutch Fishing Companies to European Small-Scale Fisheries

    • Fisheries and Fisher peoples
    • Ocean Grabbing
    Policy issues by
    • Jelto Makris
    • Zoe Brent
    • Thibault Josse
    Publication date:
  6. Primer on climate security The dangers of militarising the climate crisis

    • Climate Security
    • Climate Crisis
    Primer by
    Nick Buxton
    Publication date:
  7. Transnational Corporations and Free Trade in Mexico Caravan on the Social and Environmental Impacts (#ToxiTourMexico)

    Stop Corporate Impunity
    Report by
    • Martín Álvarez-Mullaly
    • Iñaki Barcena
    • Lucía Bárcena
    • Lucía Benavides
    • Lorenzo Bozada
    • Cristina Caldera
    • Alan Carmona
    • Refugio Choreño
    • Peter Clausing
    • Thomas Dürmeier
    • Sofía Enciso
    • Graciela González
    • Ralf Häußler
    • Julisa Hernández
    • Fabiola Lara
    • Martin Mantxo
    • Julia Martí
    • Cindy McCulligh
    • Alejandra Méndez Serrano
    • Laura Méndez Rivas
    • Rocío Montaño
    • Bettina Müller
    • Cecilia Olivet
    • Mercedes Páramo
    • Mayra Peña Contreras
    • Manuel Pérez-Rocha
    • Olivier Petitjean
    • Federico Pohls Fuentevilla
    • Alejandra Ramírez Varela
    • Patricia Rendón
    • Giovanna Segura
    • Sabrina Spitznagel
    • Mónica Vargas
    • Oswaldo Villegas
    • the teams from Taula per Mèxic
    • the teams from Multiwatch
    • the offices of MEP Leïla Chaibi
    • the offices of Senator Patricia Torres Ray (Minnesota, USA)
    Publication date:
  8. Kratom: the creation of a threat A policy commentary on the WHO pre-review of kratom

    • UN Drug Control
    • Reclassification of substances
    Publication by
    Martin Jelsma
    Publication date:
  9. Digital colonialism Analysis of Europe’s trade agenda

    • Free Trade Agreements
    • Digital Futures
    Policy briefing by
    • Sofia Scasserra
    • Carolina Martínez Elebi
    Publication date:
  10. Smart Borders or a Humane World?

    Border Wars
    Publication by
    • Mizue Aizeki
    • Geoffrey Boyce
    • Todd Miller
    • Joseph Nevins
    • Miriam Ticktin
    Publication date: