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  1. The Promises and Perils of Investor-Driven Fintech Forging People-Centered alternatives

    Digital Futures
    Paper by
    • Milford Bateman
    • Fernando Amorim Teixeira
    Publication date:
  2. Mapping Multistakeholderism in Global Governance Navigate the database

    Publication date:
  3. The Great Takeover Mapping of Multistakeholderism in Global Governance

    Book by
    • Mary Ann Manahan
    • Madhuresh Kumar
    Publication date:
  4. Poppy Farmers Under Pressure Causes and Consequences of the Opium Decline in Myanmar

    • Producers of Crops
    • Drug Policy in Myanmar
    Publication date:
  5. How do communities support fisheries? The who, what, why and how of community supported fisheries

    Fisheries and Fisher peoples
    Policy briefing by
    • Thibault Josse
    • Zoe Brent
    Publication date:
  6. No One Left Behind? Covid-19 and the Struggle for Peace and Justice in Myanmar

    Ethnic Conflict in Myanmar
    Policy briefing
    Publication date:
  7. The Political Economy of Eastern Europe 30 years into the ‘Transition’ New Left Perspectives from the Region

    New Politics
    Publication date:
  8. Troubled Waters How the ‘blue economy’ perpetuates historical injustices in Mauritius

    • Fisheries and Fisher peoples
    • Ocean Grabbing
    Report by
    Carsten Pedersen
    Publication date:
  9. Indonesia’s digital economy commitments in EU and RCEP trade agreements An analysis

    • Free Trade Agreements
    • Digital Futures
    Publication by
    Sofia Scasserra
    Publication date:
  10. COP26: Financiers of polluters in charge A crucial climate summit is becoming the biggest finance greenwash in history

    • Climate Crisis
    • Multistakeholderism
    • Carbon Markets
    • Finance
    Report by
    • Kenneth Haar
    • Brid Brennan
    Publication date: