TNI has a proud history of being at the cutting edge of analysis, research and activism on critical global issues. Here you can navigate our publications in chronological order, including: policy briefs, issue briefs, papers, reports, primers, working papers, and books.

  1. Cannabis and Development An introduction to sustainable development issues in the global cannabis policy debate

    Policy briefing by
    Transnational Institute
    Publication date:
  2. Prohibited Plants Environmental Justice in Drug Policy

    • Drugs Regulation
    • Climate Crisis
    • Cannabis
    • Coca Leaf
    Report by
    Sylvia Kay
    Publication date:
  3. Visibilising gender dynamics in French fisheries Obstacles and opportunities in Community Supported Fisheries

    Fisheries and Fisher peoples
    Report by
    • Zoe Brent
    • Charlène Jouanneau
    • Thibault Josse
    Publication date:
  4. Report on the Caribbean Informal Drug Policy Dialogue on the Future of Cannabis December 10-12, 2021, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

    • Drug Law Reform
    • Cannabis
    Publication date:
  5. Smoke and Minerals How the mining industry plans to profit from the energy transition

    • Just Transition
    • Energy Democracy
    • Land and Water Grabbing
    • Multistakeholderism
    Policy briefing by
    • Mads Barbesgaard
    • Andy Whitmore
    Publication date:
  6. From solar dream to legal nightmare How financial investors, law firms and arbitrators are profiting from the investment arbitration boom in Spain

    • Investment Protection
    • Energy Charter Treaty (ECT)
    Report by
    • Lucía Bárcena
    • Fabian Flues
    Publication date:
  7. Assessing EU plans to import hydrogen from North Africa The cases of Morocco, Algeria and Egypt

    • Energy Democracy
    • Green Economy
    • Middle East and North Africa
    Report by
    Michael Barnard
    Publication date:
  8. At what cost? Funding the EU’s security, defence, and border policies, 2021–2027

    EU Security Policies
    Report by
    • Chris Jones
    • Jane Kilpatrick
    • Yasha Maccanico
    Publication date:
  9. Fanning the Flames How the European Union is fuelling a new arms race

    • Border Wars
    • EU Security Policies
    Report by
    • Mark Akkerman
    • Pere Brunet
    • Andrew Feinstein
    • Tony Fortin
    • Angela Hegarty
    • Niamh Ní Bhriain
    • Joaquín Rodriguez Alvarez
    • Laëtitia Sédou
    • Alix Smidman
    • Josephine Valeske
    Publication date:
  10. Women and Drugs in Myanmar A primer

    • Producers of Crops
    • Drug Policy in Myanmar
    • Human Rights and Drugs
    Primer by
    • Dania Putri
    • Ernestien Jensema
    Publication date:

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