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  1. Kratom: the creation of a threat A policy commentary on the WHO pre-review of kratom

    • UN Drug Control
    • Reclassification of substances
    Publication by
    Martin Jelsma
    Publication date:
  2. Digital colonialism Analysis of Europe’s trade agenda

    • Free Trade Agreements
    • Digital Futures
    Policy briefing by
    • Sofia Scasserra
    • Carolina Martínez Elebi
    Publication date:
  3. Smart Borders or a Humane World?

    Border Wars
    Publication by
    • Mizue Aizeki
    • Geoffrey Boyce
    • Todd Miller
    • Joseph Nevins
    • Miriam Ticktin
    Publication date:
  4. Cannabis regulation: Lessons from the illicit tobacco trade

    Policy briefing by
    Benoît Gomis
    Publication date:
  5. Towards a Just Recovery from the Covid-19 Crisis The urgent struggle for food sovereignty in North Africa

    • Food Sovereignty
    • COVID-19
    • Middle East and North Africa
    Report by
    • Ali Amouzai
    • Sylvia Kay
    Publication date:
  6. Democratic and collective ownership of public goods and services Exploring public-community collaborations

    Public Community Collaborations
    Report by
    • Luca Hopman
    • Satoko Kishimoto
    • Bertie Russell
    • Louisa Valentin
    Publication date:
  7. Smoking Guns How European arms exports are forcing millions from their homes

    • Border Wars
    • EU Security Policies
    Policy briefing by
    • Apostolis Fotiadis
    • Niamh Ní Bhriain
    Publication date:
  8. The 5Rs in Myanmar Five principles for a future federal democratic system where rural working people can flourish

    Land Policy in Myanmar
    Primer by
    • Jennifer Franco
    • Jun Borras
    Publication date:
  9. Annual report 2020

    Annual report
    Publication date:
  10. Parallel Justice How the investment protection system undermines judicial independence in Latin America

    Investment Protection
    Publication by
    • Cecilia Olivet
    • Luciana Ghiotto
    Publication date:

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