Digital Power State of Power 2023

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Big Tech has concentrated vast economic power with the collusion of states, which has resulted in expanded surveillance, spiraling disinformation and weakened workers' rights. TNI’s 11th flagship State of Power report exposes the actors, the strategies and the implications of this digital power grab, and shares ideas on how movements might bring technology back under popular control.

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State of Power , 11



  • Kean Birch
  • Nils Peters
  • Roberto J. González
  • Maximilian Jung
  • Tomás Balmaceda
  • Tobías J. Schleider
  • Karina Pedace
  • Mizue Aizeki
  • Laura Bingham
  • Santiago Narváez
  • Julia Choucair Vizoso
  • Chris Byrnes
  • Anastasia Kavada
  • Tina Askanius
  • Anne Kaun
  • Alice Mattoni
  • Julie Uldam

How popular movements can topple Big Tech monopolies


In Conversation with Cory Doctorow

We can draw hope from the way that digital technology is profoundly different and genuinely exceptional from other kinds of technology, which is that digital technology is universal.  There's really only one kind of computer we know how to build. It's the Turing complete von Neumann machine. Formally, that is a computer that can run every programme that we know how to write, which means that if there is a computer that is designed to surveil you, there is also a programme that can run on that computer that will frustrate that surveillance.
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