Newsletter: The Transnational Institute 40 years

21 Marzo 2014

Special newsletter on 21 March 2014 celebrating the occasion of the Institute turning 40.

Dear Friends,

Today, the Transnational Institute officially turns 40! To mark the occasion we have put together a new section of our website which highlights some of the seminal moments and publications in our last four decades that have marked our work as well as some of the intriguing and quirky facts about TNI that you may not know!

We are also delighted to share with you the wonderful, heartfelt appreciation of what the Institute has meant to so many of our friends old and new from around the world, and the good wishes shared for the decades to come.

TNI was originally set up as an internationalist activist-scholar network drawn from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. It was initially the international arm of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC, which itself just celebrated its 50th birthday, and it was made possible with the vision and support of Russian emigré-turned-philanthropist Samuel Rubin.
From its beginnings, the Institute has sought to generate information and analysis with and for the progressive movements of the day. 'Progressive' is something we have always defined broadly, and deliberately so. TNI has consistently been a space for critical discussion and debate, providing a home for activists from across the progressive political spectrum world-wide.

In the 1970s, we related to the national liberation and pro-democracy movements of what was then called the Third World, and the solidarity movements that grew up around them in Europe and the US. In the 1980s, we extended our networks to the new nuclear disarmament, feminist and green movements. And from the 1990s onwards to the next generation of movements concerned with globalisation. In recent years we have been able to pull together critical analysis and proposed alternatives from different areas of our work to address the multiple economic, social and environmental crises afflicting our world.

Thousands of friends have passed through the doors of TNI and participated in our seminars, strategy meetings and dialogues around the world over the years. Some of our publications proved formative for generations to come, others proved prescient for events still to unfold. All have been been valued for the contribution they have made to the struggles for peace, justice, equity and sustainability that we have been so proud to be a part of.

If you haven’t yet got around to sharing your memories, experiences, appreciation, don’t worry, we will happily receive them all year and add them to our special birthday page.

40 years on, money to sustain rather hard-to-peg, broad-focused organisations like TNI is getting ever more difficult to secure through grants. If you feel inclined to also give TNI a little (or large!) birthday present, we would graciously accept!! You can make a (tax-deductible) donation through our website. If you have friends who might be so inclined, please do encourage them too. We have set a target of Euro 30,000 a year – if everyone who subscribes to our newsletter donated just Euro 10 each a year, we could raise double that!!!

Thank you all for your solidarity and warm wishes. A bunch of us will be popping the prosecco (champagne being beyond our budget!) open this afternoon, and I will personally be making a toast to each of you – you are the network that is the Transnational Institute, and together we are sure to keep going strong for another 40 years!!

Warmest regards,
Fiona and Susan

Fiona Dove, Susan George,
Executive Director Chairperson of the Board 
Transnational Institute Transnational Institute